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We've Been Around the Blocks

The Freese and Nichols team specializes in municipal, comprehensive and higher education planning by delineating client goals. Sometimes this means working with well-established task forces and committees. In other cases, we organize meetings, surveys and interviews to collect the input needed. Either way, Freese and Nichols has proven that we are experts at matching forum and technique to the type of information sought, with particular sensitivity to communications needs of discrete groups.

Our team will synthesize that collected data into usable information and work with clients to identify needs and trends. We help clients navigate existing plans and growth projections, as well as factor in regulatory requirements and funding opportunities.

Urban Planning

Our urban planners work with elected and appointed officials, citizen committees and the public to develop community-based plans and ordinances that are critical to a community’s success regardless of its location or size. Freese and Nichols' urban planners provide innovative and effective solutions for the municipal planning challenges facing communities today. At Freese and Nichols, we appreciate that each community is unique, and we tailor our services to meet the needs of the individual client. We use a broad base of ideas to facilitate community leaders, citizens, stakeholders and businesses in the creation of a common vision allowing each community to forge its own future.

Campus Planning

Our team has developed facility, comprehensive and academic master plans for single campuses and multi-campus institutions and military and government installations. These diverse plans all reflect inclusive data gathering, development of consensus on goals, and suitability. Meant both to guide the growth of their institutions and to change as needs change, our campus plans are distinguished by their usefulness.  

Water Resource Planning

Freese and Nichols has been planning to meet long-term water demands since our founding in 1894. We have a unique understanding in the development and management of water resources that comes from being a leading water resources firm in the country, instrumental in the birth and development of many of the water districts and river authorities in the state. Our emphasis on water supply services includes particular expertise in water supply planning, Senate Bill 1 regional water planning, water rights, computer modeling of water availability and system operation, water reclamation, water conservation and drought contingency planning, and funding opportunities for long-range water supply projects.

Helping Clients Fund Projects for the Future

Freese and Nichols understands the growing demands on our clients’ budgets. The process of selecting and applying for the appropriate grants and loans can be a challenging and time-consuming experience. The Freese and Nichols Funding Team is dedicated to helping our clients select the appropriate funding opportunity, navigate the application process and obtain funding to study feasible solutions and develop implementation plans.