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Environmental Science

Practical Solutions Come Naturally

Freese and Nichols has earned the reputation for providing clients with practical solutions to complex environmental regulations. Freese and Nichols’ environmental scientists, geologists, wetland scientists, arborists, foresters, and GIS analysts can quickly assess environmental challenges and regulatory requirements to identify strategies that often enable our client to avoid costly and time-consuming regulatory obstacles.

Section 404/Section 10 Permitting and Wetland Delineations

Freese and Nichols has extensive experience with permitting, wetland delineations and mitigation regarding projects impacting wetlands or other waters of the U.S. We have conducted hundreds of field studies to identify waters of the U.S., including wetlands, to assist clients with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 10/Section 404 permitting requirements. Freese and Nichols' biologists and wetland scientists work closely with clients and engineers to design projects that minimize environmental impacts while still fulfilling client and design needs. Keeping your interests foremost while finding solutions to permitting and other regulatory issues sets us apart from other consultants.

Contamination Assessments, Remediation, and Regulatory Compliance

Complicated federal and state regulations make compliance difficult even for clients with the best of intentions. Our staff of professional geoscientists and environmental scientists stays up to date on the latest regulatory requirements and continually looks for opportunities to reduce compliance burdens on our clients. Our staff is highly experienced in Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency All Appropriate Inquiry requirements for commercial property transactions and often required by financial lending institutions. Our knowledge of regulatory programs, such as the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP), the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) and the EPA Brownfields Program are valuable to clients seeking the best approach to remediate or redevelop their properties.

Coastal Services

Freese and Nichols offers a large spectrum of coastal services, including coastal engineering and modeling; shoreline protection; fish and oyster habitat restoration; sediment management; program management; ecological function evaluation/monitoring; regulatory expertise; eco-geomorphological restoration; grant management, application and public outreach; NEPA compliance; bird island restoration; Clean Water Act Section 316(b) compliance; and living shorelines zone. The addition of coastal expertise to Freese and Nichols’ 120-year history of award-winning design, engineering and construction further enhances the firm’s water resources-related capabilities across Texas and the Gulf Coast.

NEPA Documentation

Freese and Nichols has produced numerous documents and reports fulfilling the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). These services have been performed for a number of federal agencies as well as state and local entities that were required to meet NEPA requirements for projects with a federal funding component. Our philosophy for providing environmental review and assessment services is to comply with the appropriate regulations in a cost-effective manner in the time frame allotted to meet each project’s schedule. Whether the project involves documenting a Categorical Exclusion (CE) or preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Freese and Nichols has the staff, experience and capability to respond to and perform these environmental studies.

Stormwater Permitting and Pollution Prevention (SWPPP)

Freese and Nichols provides a full array of stormwater permitting and pollution prevention services. Our Environmental Science staff is experienced in assisting our clients with compliance through Phase II MS4 Stormwater Permits, SWPPPs for Construction or Industrial Activities and Texas Pollution.

Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) Wastewater Permitting

Freese and Nichols also provides compliance auditing and general environmental management services to help clients identify and address areas of potential compliance concern. Through our environmental management services, we keep our clients abreast of the latest in environmental regulatory requirements and help to identify the most appropriate approaches to meet ever-changing requirements.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analysis

Freese and Nichols uses geospatial data and GIS to support our engineering services, including infrastructure engineering, water resource planning, hydrology and hydraulic modeling, and natural resource mapping. Our experienced GIS analysts use digital elevation models, soils maps, historical vegetation and wetland classifications, USGS topographic quadrangles, and aerial photography to provide GIS solutions for clients. We have also integrated the technology of GPS, GIS and digital imagery to produce accurate and interactive maps for several resource management agencies and clients.

Natural Resource and Watershed Management

Freese and Nichols’ environmental scientists perform natural resource surveys that both identify and measure habitats present on project sites including: identification and quantification of habitats for impact assessment and mitigation purposes, Habitat Evaluation Procedures (HEP) surveys, tree surveys and timber valuations, endangered species surveys, and numerous other types of habitat surveys. Our wildlife biologists have a long history of effective habitat restoration and protection and wildlife management planning to meet client project objectives.

In addition, Freese and Nichols helps clients achieve efficient and effective methods for water quality management through site-specific water quality assessments, water quality monitoring, water quality modeling, and comprehensive studies such as Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL). Freese and Nichols' aquatic biologists provide professional services such as instream flow studies and biological assessments to assess the impacts of streamflow changes on aquatic ecosystems.

Funding Opportunities

Freese and Nichols understands the growing demands on our clients’ budgets. The process of selecting and applying for the appropriate grants and loans can be a challenging and time-consuming experience. The Freese and Nichols Funding Team is dedicated to helping our clients select the appropriate funding opportunity, navigate the application process and obtain funding for their community-building projects.