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We've Always Been City Folks

Freese and Nichols began working for municipalities in 1894 when our founder, John B. Hawley became the first independent consulting engineer in Texas. Today, from offices in Texas, North Carolina and Oklahoma, Freese and Nichols provides services and manages projects that touch all aspects of life in our cities.

Although Freese and Nichols started out in water and wastewater engineering, we have become a multi-discipline consulting firm and we offer our clients services in engineering, architecture, environmental science, construction services and planning. Many cities regard us as a trusted advisor.

We still offer water and wastewater engineering, but today we’re specialists in water reuse, innovative storage tanks and award-winning treatment facilities as well. Likewise, our transportation services have evolved to encompass sophisticated runway systems, automated people movers, traffic signalization and programs for prioritizing bond projects and maximizing infrastructure investment.

As municipal challenges grow more complex, the need for comprehensive planning has also grown. Freese and Nichols' award-winning urban planning team has grown too. Cities were our first clients and some of those relationships have thrived for more than a century. We are planning – working, training our staff and listening to our municipal clients – to serve these cities a hundred years from now.

Freese and Nichols understands the growing demands on our clients’ budgets. The process of selecting and applying for the appropriate grants and loans can be a challenging and time-consuming experience. The Freese and Nichols Funding Team is dedicated to helping our clients select the appropriate funding opportunity, navigate the application process and obtain funding for their community-building projects.