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We Serve Those Who Serve

Many of our civilian markets have a parallel in the military and government world. Campus planning, environmental assessment, stormwater management, architecture, construction services, water utilities, transportation services – all of these services are needed in planning, designing and constructing federal facilities.

Fort Hood

Freese and Nichols has provided engineering, environmental, and architectural services to Fort Hood continuously since 2001. Our activities include design services for multiple LEED®-Silver eligible buildings, low water crossings and training roads, stream restoration, stormwater and drinking water utility systems, and other infrastructure improvements. 

Additionally, we have completed large-scale GIS mapping and database update projects for Fort Hood’s stormwater drainage system, electrical utility system and natural gas distribution system. Our services include environmental services related to closure of a former wastewater treatment system, environmental monitoring and permitting for the Fort Hood Landfill, and environmental planning for Fort Hood’s training areas.

Fort Polk

At Fort Polk, Louisiana, we performed architectural renovations of buildings; underground electrical distribution work; upgrades to HVAC systems; structural inspections of 41 bridges; roadway realignment; plans and specifications, cost estimates, and design analysis for field training roads; and repairs and maintenance to roads, drainages and pop-up targets for new sites within training ranges. Freese and Nichols has provided inspection services and maintenance design for nine elevated water tanks/towers and five ground storage tanks at Fort Polk.